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City of Chowchilla

“With Samsara, we’re able to see real-time pressure in the system, whether the well is on or not, vibration issues, and we’re able to react before we get hundreds of calls”

Jason Rogers, Director of Public Works at City of Chowchilla

The City of Chowchilla serves a community of just over 18,000 residents in California’s Central Valley. Prior to working with Samsara, limited visibility of the system's aging infrastructure made it challenging to get ahead of service issues, and Chowchilla’s team of operators found themselves working overtime just to keep up.

That’s why the City of Chowchilla chose to partner with Samsara to deploy a cloud-based SCADA system. Today, the team has real-time visibility of their entire water system, from flow rates to pump status and vibration levels. This helps their team of operators reduce unnecessary site visits to save time while minimizing downtime and improving customer service.


  • Real-time visibility into tank level, pump status, well pressure and more allows Chowchilla to monitor operations remotely, improving safety, reliability and efficiency. 

  • Operators are empowered with mobile access to SCADA/HMI dashboards, integrated alerts, and control so that pumps can be turned on or off remotely ensuring residents have uninterrupted access to safe water.

  • Ease of use and set up made it possible for Chowchilla to cost-effectively deploy a SCADA system across their entire operation.

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