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How the County of Santa Barbara saves time & cost with Site Visibility


  • 3 - 4 hours saved per audit incident using advanced Site Visibility features to streamline incident investigation

  • 50% decrease in likelihood of theft because of improved discovery and collaboration for key footage of interest


Without enhanced visibility, the County of Santa Barbara's Public Works Department was wasting valuable employee time sifting through hours of footage to investigate instances of theft, fraud, and illegal dumping. The county needed high-quality, chronological footage from all angles in order to audit transactions and investigate a theft or incident. With their previous DVR-based system, finding this footage could take hours and was often impossible due to the disconnected nature of the camera streams. With county-wide goals to improve efficiency and service quality—as well as move data to the cloud—the Public Works Department needed an advanced site visibility solution that could streamline data access and improve data quality.


With Samsara Site Visibility, footage from third-party cameras and high-resolution Samsara Site Cameras is consolidated in a single cloud dashboard. Advanced features such as clothing detection, stream search, and the ability to save and share footage allow the County to quickly identify and share clips with law enforcement.


By leveraging AI features to streamline incident investigation, the County of Santa Barbara now saves three to four hours or more per audit incident—or one fourth of a full time employee—in staff time spent looking at footage. In addition, the County has decreased the likelihood of theft by 50% and increased data access across the IT department.

“Staff time is more important than equipment. Samsara Site Visibility helps us get back staff time so we can focus on efficiency and service.”

— Larry Lowman, IT Manager

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