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“We have tested several solutions, but the combination of the GPS tracker with solar panel and separate temperature sensors is unique to Samsara. And that connected via Wi-Fi, without cables. With other providers, this is a customized solution.”

Nick van Schaick, Operational Manager at ITC Holland Transport B.V.

ITC Holland Transport uses live GPS tracking and temperature sensor monitoring so that they can find each of their 110 tank containers within one minute and view the temperature of the cargo.

  • Temperature sensors, always certain to be able to offload due to the correct temperature.

  • Real-time GPS, now find every tank container in a minute instead of half an hour.

  • Plug-and-play installation, easy installation, no cables and everything connected via the Wi-Fi network.

  • Specialized fleet, of 70 modern tractors, 75 tank trailers, 110 tank containers.

ITC Holland Transport is specialized in the transportation of liquid nutrients, from milk, juices, and fats to vegetable oils. For years they have been working together with large companies in the food industry to ensure that production processes fit seamlessly together.

A wireless solution for the whole of Europe

Many companies rely on the professional service of ITC Holland Transport that ensures a sterile environment of the liquid products but also the correct temperature during the delivery of the product.

Having the correct temperature is essential for liquid substances such as natural oils or fats. If these are not the right temperature, they can even solidify, which makes it impossible to offload.

It was therefore essential for ITC Holland Transport to be aware of the temperature of their transport throughout Europe at all times. With tank containers that are often transported by train or boat and then offloaded by a partner, this was often difficult.

“We had been looking for a solution for some time. Just like at Amazon, today's customers also want to be able to follow their products. That was always more difficult with a separate container.”

Nick van Schaick

Now, thanks to the wireless solution with a solar panel from Samsara, these containers can be traced at all times and the temperature can be monitored so that the customers of ITC Holland Transport receive an accurate arrival time for their goods.

Always aware of the bottleneck during transportation

Many tank containers of ITC Holland Transport are delivered in Rotterdam and then transported by train or boat to other European countries, including Italy. It sometimes happens that the train is delayed, beforehand ITC Holland Transport had no insight into this, but thanks to the smart tracker they now know precisely where the containers are and whether the train has already arrived.

This information allows them to inform their partners on time when goods such as oils or fats had solidified to heat them before they offloaded and delivered to the customer. "Costs run high when you can't do this," says Nick van Schaick, ITC Holland Transport now knows for sure when they can deliver.

ITC Holland Dashboard

Easy installation, plug and play

“The installation was relatively simple, certainly a plus. It was mostly all wireless and helpful that it all works via Wi-Fi. Installation now takes me at most 15 minutes, and then you are done.”

Nick van Schaick

For ITC Holland Transport the goods must be transported hygienically. Therefore temperature sensors are located between the stainless steel walls of the containers, not inside with the goods. A wireless sensor on the bottom and the side allows measuring the right temperature, even during a half-full tank.

"Convenient that you don't have to worry about the battery life of the tracker with the solar energy," says Nick van Schaick. You stick the tracker on the tank container, this works on solar energy and ensures the connection of the sensors, this allows you to monitor the tank container with a real-time GPS.

On top of the business

ITC Holland Transport often works together with partners in other countries to ensure that the cargo is delivered. Previously there was no insight into this, now they can see immediately whether the shipment is offloaded or not, "if the temperature drops within two hours then I know that the tank container is empty," Nick van Schaick. This way, they can also provide the customer with realistic prices based on real offload times.

Evidently, during the winter months, ITC Holland Transport has more control over the business when the temperature of the goods can drop quickly and therefore the oils or fats can solidify. The environmental report in the dashboard of Samsara is instrumental to promptly get an overview of the cargo temperatures of the entire fleet.

ITC Holland Dashboard Temperature Sensor

Satisfied with the terrace and ready for the future

The Samsara platform ensures that ITC Holland Transport can set automatic notifications as a next step when a critical temperature is reached. In the future, geofencing functionality will enable them to respond proactively when a container enters a specific area or is there for too long. ITC Holland Transport is satisfied with the solution from Samsara and its impact on the business. "We were looking for a total solution, a reliable platform that was connected. Samsara is unique in this and could offer us everything we were looking for," says Nick van Schaick.

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