Problem to solve:

Dauber’s general contractors hire owner-operators who specialize in the removal of materials from their different sites. Dauber was struggling to coordinate general contractors demand for material pick-up with earthmoving owner-operators hauler supply given their disparate communication systems.

How they solved it:

Brian Jones, CEO at Dauber, equip owner-operators with Samsara vehicle gateways and leveraged the Samsara API to pull in owner-operator real time location into the Dauber Driver App. This allowed him to dynamically dispatch owner-operators to sites ready for material pick-up effectively.

Here’s Brian's tip:

01. Provide Samsara VG-series gateways and associated cables to all your owner-operator partners, and have them install the gateways in their vehicles upon arrival at your primary site. Tag these vehicles as ‘owner-operators’.

02. Using Samsara’s API, pull in real-time location data for your owner-operator vehicles into your existing dispatch and routing system.

03. As contractors report material pick-ups to the dispatch team, have your dispatch team dispatch these tagged vehicles based on their proximity to pick-up ready job sites. Brian’s team uses an in-house Dauber App to share job and routing information with these contract haulers.

04. Bonus: create geofence alerts around common dump sites to signal owner-operator job completion to your dispatch team to optimize for the immediate dispatch of a new job.


Brian estimates that by using Samsara’s location data and smart routing, he’s helping owner-operators run up to 50% more hauling jobs.

“It’s worth the cost of the Samsara for the data reliability, among all the other reasons.”

Brian Jones

CEO, Dauber

Samsara Tools Used

  • Create a Tag
  • Open API

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