Problem to solve:

With little room for temperature variation in their cold chain, Cowgirl Creamery was struggling to ensure product quality and correct temperature during production and in-route to retail locations.

How they solved it:

Maureen Cunnie, Operations Manager at Cowgirl Creamery, used Samsara to alert the team in real-time when temperatures dropped out of the cheese’s custom temperature range. 

Here’s Maureen’s tip:

01. Install Samsara wireless environmental sensors in delivery vehicles (as close to the product as possible) and in areas with product, such as the cheese storage room.

02. Under Alerts, set up a temperature alert so that each time the air temperature varies above or below the desired temperature you get a real-time email or text alert and can take immediate action.

03. Pull temperature reports to quickly review the historic temperatures and confirm consistent quality.


Maureen and her team are now able to monitor temperature and humidity in real-time. This has saved them from multiple instances of product loss and this data has given them full visibility into the entire cheese lifecycle - from storage to delivery.

“We have very specific environmental conditions for our cheese aging and distribution. We need +/- 1 degree temperature variation."

Maureen Cunnie

Operations Manager, Cowgirl Creamery

Samsara Tools Used

  • Temperature Alert
  • Temperature Report

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