Samsara for

Food & Beverage Distribution

A complete fleet platform for ensuring food quality, driver safety, and customer satisfaction

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One Intuitive Interface for Monitoring Vehicles, Temperature, Safety, and HOS

From cold chain management to daily delivery routes, Samsara’s real-time tracking provides end-to-end visibility into fleet operations.

Trusted by Food & Beverage Fleets of all sizes

Ensure Product Integrity From the Dock to the Customer’s Door

Reduce rejected shipments and ensure FSMA compliance with evidence of maintained temperature control. Proactively prevent spoilage with alerts about temperatures that are out of range.

Set Reefers Remotely Using Two-Way Control

Pre-cool reefers or fix inaccurate settings remotely to maximize driver efficiency and minimize spoilage.

Improve Delivery Efficiency

Pinpoint the cause of delays and improve on-time performance with route analytics and live tracking. Increase fuel savings and driver efficiency by reordering routes based on which stops take the longest, or grouping stops to decrease miles traveled.

“If you need fleet tracking, full-fledged hours of service, or FSMA temperature tracking, Samsara’s got it.”


Offer an Excellent Customer Experience

Improve customer relationships with proactive information sharing. Provide temperature reports alongside proof of delivery to reduce rejected shipments and increase confidence, and share live ETAs to reduce inquiries and streamline deliveries.

Protect Your Reputation and Your Drivers

Exonerate drivers, expedite insurance claims, and promote safe driving practices with dual-facing dash cams. Receive alerts for harsh events or distracted driving incidents, and review trip histories and auto-uploaded footage to investigate complaints.

Reclaim your Assets

Eliminate yard hunts or recover stolen assets with real-time trailer tracking. Identify and redeploy underutilized trailers with automated asset dormancy and utilization reporting.

“We used to get a lot of questions from sales agencies, asking us when a truck was going to arrive. Now, we can proactively let them know.”


Reduce Paperwork & Ensure Compliance

Real-time visibility into driver HOS violations and missing logs keep team members on the same page about compliance, without unnecessary paperwork.