Benefits & Features

A Connected Platform that Increases Efficiency and Lowers Operating Cost

Deep Visibility
into Operations

Eliminate yard hunts, optimize yard & dock operations, reduce dwell time, and simplify inventory management

Maximize Trailer

Identify underutilized trailers and grow your business without making new trailer investments

Protect Trailers
and Cargo

Create real-time alerts to detect and monitor unauthorized use, doors opening, and cargo being unloaded

How It Works

An Integrated Solution of Wireless Sensors

Increase trailer utilization

Improve trailer-to-tractor ratio and grow revenue by redeploying under-utilized trailers to areas with higher demand

Detect & recover stolen assets

Geofence alerts instantly detect theft and unauthorized use. Real-time “helicopter view” aids law enforcement in recovery

Eliminate yard hunts

Automate inventory tracking and improve yard & dock operations using accurate reports and real-time cargo data

Manage refrigeration with two-way control

Ensure quality, streamline operations, and simplify compliance with two-way reefer monitoring and control

Customer Spotlight:
Cash-Wa Distributing

150 trucks, delivering across 11 states

“With Samsara’s always-on temperature monitoring, we can show that we’ve taken great care of the product every step of the way. We’re confident we’re compliant, and we’re winning more business.”

—Chad Henning, General Manager
    Cash-Wa Distributing