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Comprehensive visibility within a single, consolidated platform

  • Live Geolation

    Pinpoint exact location with an aerial view of your trailers, create shareable links and geofences for ETAs and to track stolen trailers

  • Trip History & Routing
  • Utilization & Inventory
  • Detention & Time on Site
  • Cargo Visibility
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Fraley & Schilling saves $150k yearly reallocating underutilized trailers

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Speed up troubleshooting to keep drivers safe and CSA scores high

  • ABS Monitoring

    Identify and diagnose ABS issues on trailers through detailed fault codes, lamp insights and alerting

  • Maintenance Reports & Scheduling
  • Inspections and Issue Resolution
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Read how Dohrn Transfer utilized trailer data to reduce driver and billing hours on detention reporting

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Get drivers on the road with the right trailers faster

  • Trailer Mispull Detection

    Avoid unplanned costs from trailer mispulls, bobtailing, and assignment errors through configurable driver alerts

  • Asset Search
  • Driver App
Cash-Wa Distributing

Read how Cash-Wa Distributing benefited from Samsara’s temperature tracking technology.

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Protect temperature sensitive goods to ensure product integrity and compliance

  • Temperature Monitoring

    Take action on temperature fluctuations with Environmental Monitor for visibility into ambient temperature

  • Actionable Alerts
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Read how Aegion prevents $6M in product loss through temperature monitoring

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Get real-time trailer tracking up and running within minutes

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Powered Asset Gateway

Live geo-location tracking from multiple satellite systems and strong coverage in low signal environments

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Undercarriage Installation

Rapid, five to ten minute install time for discreet and efficient gateway deployment

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Samsara Sensors

Sensor connectivity for door, cargo and temperature monitoring

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Products to power your trailer operations

1. Powered Asset Gateway

Real-time tracking, wireless sensor support, geofences, alerts, and reporting

2. ABS Monitoring
4. Environmental Monitor
5. Door Monitor
6. Cargo Monitor
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Cash-Wa Distributing

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