Celebrating Our First 10,000 Customers!

June 26, 2019

Today marks an exciting moment at Samsara - 10,000 customers across the world have chosen Samsara to help improve the safety, efficiency, and quality of their connected operations!

It’s been amazing to see how quickly the market has been adopting our platform. Our customer base has more than doubled in the last year and we’re grateful to everyone who has trusted us with their business. Thanks to their feedback we’re adding dozens of new features every month. And as our customers grow across geographies and industries, our solutions will too.

Looking Forward to 100,000

The potential for IoT to improve the efficiency, safety, and quality of operations is massive. Recent advances in cameras and sensor technology, wireless networks, and AI have finally enabled industrial operations to gain real-time visibility and analytics into their operations. While 10,000 customers is exciting, we’re just scratching the surface of what can be done. In the next year we’ll be:

  • Continuing to scale our account teams and technical staff support in San Francisco, Atlanta, and London so our customers continue to have a world-class experience as we grow

  • Doubling our hardware and software engineering teams to build new products for our customers and expanding our platform into new verticals and use cases

  • Investing in our ecosystem so that 3rd party developers can leverage our platform

Why Operations is Embracing IoT

Here are just some examples of how we’re partnering with customers from small businesses to multinational enterprises in transportation, food & beverage, manufacturing, government, energy, and field services.

  • Reducing environmental impact at the City of Fort Lauderdale: 1,700 citywide vehicle fleet has decreased fuel consumption by 5% - the equivalent to 28,000 gallons of fuel and about $70,500 in savings.

  • Keeping drivers safe at Dohrn Transfer Company: Fleet has seen 88% reduction in harsh events using the Samsara platform, dash cams, and driver gamification feature in the Samsara driver app.

  • Increasing efficiencies at Collins Earthworks: Leading construction company in the UK uses Samsara’s fuel usage reports to calculate exactly how load weight influences fuel usage on trips, leading to better cost estimates for loads.

  • Preserving product quality at Cowgirl Creamery: Replaced the company’s analog temperature recording process with Samsara environmental monitors which track temperature and humidity throughout their operations and keep their products at optimal quality.

  • Improving customer service at San Jose Water Company: Real-time visibility into pumps and water equipment has informed capital planning and delivered better customer service for their 1 million customers.

Thank You!

All over the world, companies are looking for simpler, more efficient ways to connect their operations, knowing it will save them time and money, preserve the quality of their goods, improve driver safety, and ultimately create a better customer experience. Our mission is to help make this happen. And we’re just getting started.

Thank you to every single customer who has worked with us over the years. The solutions we’re creating are for, and because of, you!

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