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Problem to solve:

With 20+ managers responsible for hundreds of drivers across 14 locations, accountability and consistency are key to Sprint Waste’s coaching strategy. But before Samsara, they had little visibility into risky behaviors (like speeding, following too closely, and rolling through stops) until after an accident. Furthermore, they had no video of their own drivers to use for coaching.

How they solved it:

In early 2019, Sprint Waste partnered with Samsara to implement dash cams for the first time, successfully getting buy-in from their 300+ drivers and 60 owner-operators. Now, Chris Russ (Vice President of Collections) and Dave Nelson (President) use the Samsara Safety Inbox to proactively identify coachable moments and give drivers feedback using actual footage of themselves.

Here’s Chris and Dave’s tip:

01. Every day, review the dash cam clips that are auto-uploaded to your Safety Inbox and update the statuses (for example, “needs coaching” or “needs recognition”). To ensure accountability, assign each to a manager for 1:1 coaching in Safety Inbox as soon as possible, ideally the same day.

safety inbox

02. In your Safety Inbox, “star” footage of great learning moments—whether negative or positive—to showcase during group coaching sessions or weekly safety meetings.

sprint safety inbox starred

03. After individual and group coaching with the starred dash cam footage, Nelson said they show immediate decreases in those particular behaviors in the following weeks and months.

Bonus: Use the Coaching Effectiveness Report to report out coaching results and progress to your leadership team.


By using the Samsara Safety Inbox and Coaching Effectiveness Report to proactively coach drivers and track improvements, Sprint Waste has decreased both the frequency and severity of accidents. In 2019, the company saw a 58% decrease in speeding incidents, 50% increase in miles per safety incident, and 50% decrease in average dollars per claim.

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