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UFP Industries

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, UFP Industries serves thousands of customers in three distinct industries: retail, construction, and industrial. With 350 private fleet trucks completing over 200,000 deliveries annually, UFPI deployed Samsara in order to improve their customer service, safety, and efficiency.

With live GPS for fleet visibility, dash cams for fleet safety, and document management to ensure proof of delivery, Samsara helps UFPI streamline their operations and save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.


  • Live-sharing links give customers real-time visibility into their shipment locations and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Dash cams capture video footage of harsh events and help safety managers improve driver safety with driver coaching.

  • Seamless document management improves the proof of delivery process which saves the company over $600,000 annually in administrative workload.

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