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Transportation & Logistics

A sensor solution for streamlining operations, improving safety, and maximizing ROI

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Live, End-to-End Visibility

Locate light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles, specialized equipment, and assets instantly with real-time GPS tracking. Direct lost drivers on-the-go and ensure maintenance teams know accurate vehicle locations.

Trusted by Transportation and Logistics Fleets of all sizes

Decrease Operating Expenses

Keep your operations running smoothly and improve margins with efficiency reports on fuel consumption, idle time, vehicle utilization, and time on site.

Simplify Compliance

Keep your fleet compliant with a certified ELD solution that works on any Android or iOS device and an integrated platform that combines Hours of Service, maintenance, and WiFi hotspots.

Promote Fleet Safety

Get the full story on accidents and near misses with high definition video footage and AI-powered reports that detect distracted driving and tailgating.


Samsara Top Fleet Awards 2019

Discover how less-than-truckload carrier Dohrn Transfer Company delivers a world-class safety program.


Streamline Maintenance

Save on costly repairs with real-time engine fault codes, preventative maintenance schedules, and app-based paperless DVIRs.

Create Better Routes

Robust route analytics help you track on-time performance while route optimization enables you to chart the most efficient path.

Keep Assets Safe

Receive instant alerts for unauthorized movement, open doors, and unloaded cargo so you can protect your assets.