Physical operations leader leveraging Connected Operations platform to inform decision-making.

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Streamline workflows and connect operations across departments with one integrated cloud dashboard.

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Boost efficiency by connecting your entire physical operations.

With siloed data comes siloed decisions. A lack of visibility leads to less informed choices, invaluable time lost, and unnecessary spend. Connecting your data on an integrated platform enables collaboration between the front and back office for increased agility, unlocks greater insights into your inefficiencies, and reduces costs.

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Worker safely loads goods onto shipping dock.


believe disjointed technology and data negatively impact their bottom-line.


agree consolidated data improves their cross-functional agility.


think digitizing their operations improves their ability to weather disruptions.


agree breaking down data silos in physical operations is critical to their organization’s survival in the next decade.

4 ways to optimize assets across your operations with Samsara’s Connected Operations™ Cloud

Various equipment are connected to Samsara's Connected Cloud for asset utilization tracking data.

Streamline asset operations.

View all assets in one platform to boost your bottom-line. Protect unpowered and powered assets from loss and misuse, optimize utilization, and improve productivity.

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Connecting your operations with data makes more possible for your organization.

Connected Operations. Making operations safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.

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Case Study

Learn how CR Jackson saves $120K by recovering stolen equipment with Asset Tracking.

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A concrete ready mix plant ready to be used to better city roads.

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Physical operations workers using technology to power their everyday workflow.

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Drive employee success and on-the-job safety with mobile-first tools and workflows.

Physical operations worker using technology to drive sustainability efforts.

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Scale your organization with intuitive, data-powered solutions that evolve and transform with you.