A complete platform for connected water operations


Easily connect remote assets or existing SCADA systems and start using real-time operational data across your organization


Live pump vibration and temperature monitoring alert you to pending issues so you can better prevent outages


Always-on analytics for pump efficiency and other KPIs provide teams with immediate insight for improved capital planning

How It Works

The Gateway connects directly to sensors or to existing controllers
Data is instantly and automatically streamed to the web-based Dashboard using integrated cell service.
Wireless Vibration Sensors and Power Monitors provide additional visibility.

An Open Platform to Connect Every Asset

Connect everything from remote flow and pressure sensors to existing PLCs and RTUs. Samsara provides complete visibility and control where you need it.

A Flexible Solution for Connected Operations

Whether you're looking for automated control of disconnected sites or better access to existing SCADA data, Samsara provides real-time visibility and control with no additional infrastructure or complexity.

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Track Pump Efficiency in Real-time

Create your own KPIs, like overall pump efficiency (OPE), and track them in real-time to make better decisions about which pumps to run.

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"Recently, the motor on one of our largest pumps went out. In the past, this would have almost definitely meant an outage, but with Samsara's real-time alerting, we were able to order a replacement just in time to continue providing water to our residents without interruption."


Reduce Operating Costs Across Remote Sites

Eliminate manual measurements and improve margins with a constant, real-time view on the status of equipment spread across remote pump sites

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Easily Access and Export Data

Intuitive, easy to create dashboards give you and your team total flexibility in how you view your data while an open API allows you to export data to third-party systems.

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"In order to get the efficiencies of our motors in the past, we would rely on pump test data. With 300 pumps and motors in our system, it could take up to a year to collect that information...Samsara provides us an opportunity to get that information in real-time."


Empower Your Field Workers

Save field workers time by providing visibility into pump status, tank levels, and pressure readings on any mobile device.

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Stop Running Assets to Failure

Prevent downtime with real-time alerts on pending failures and use historical performance logs to identify and remediate issues sooner, prolonging the life of your assets.

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