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Comprehensive physical security, all in one platform.

Samsara offers an integrated physical security solution to protect valuable assets from theft and damage and improve the security of end-to-end operations, from the field all the way to your facilities.

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Proactive Theft Prevention

Protect valuable assets through real-time monitoring and AI-powered video.


    View your worksites and track the status and location of all your vehicles, trailers, heavy equipment, and unpowered assets within a single, consolidated dashboard. 

  • 360° Hd Video Visibility
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Learn how one customer protects their assets and worksites through a single dashboard.

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Never miss a security incident with instant and reliable risk detection.

  • Instant Risk Detection

    Detect risks in real-time with GPS-based geofencing and routing alerts. Be immediately notified of onsite security incidents with AI-based alerting on high risk areas.

  • Cargo, Supply, And Cold Chain Tracking
  • Theft Response
  • Fuel Security
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See how CR Jackson saved $120k by recovering a stolen piece of equipment

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Streamlined Investigation

One consolidated dashboard to speed up and simplify theft investigation.

  • Consolidated Video Investigation

    Quickly investigate and respond to security incidents from the field or at your facilities with centralized cloud video libraries and intelligent search tools.

  • Stolen Asset Recovery
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See how Delta Constructors monitors 12 sites and 600+ assets with Samsara’s consolidated dashboard. 

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Customer Spotlight

See how Hoskins Equipment consolidates operational security and theft prevention.

  • Advanced Asset Tracking

    Tracking 1,400 pieces of high-value equipment in real time lets Hoskins Equipment recover lost and stolen units and resolve usage disputes with customers.

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  • Site Visibility
  • AI-based Investigation
  • AI Dash Cams

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How can camera systems help detect theft at warehouses and distribution centers?

Prominently place IP site security cameras at yards, lots, and facilities to help improve safety and deter thieves. Security cameras provide real-time video footage and event data and significantly boost theft prevention and response times. Camera systems that have AI-powered detection capabilities can give you an additional layer of protection to recognize objects, people, and activities. You can also use AI to detect suspicious behaviors like unauthorized access or trailer scouting and loitering. Many AI-powered security systems also offer intelligent alerting systems, which can instantly notify security personnel or authorities when potential risks are identified, enabling quicker response times.

What are the most common targets for asset theft?

Any type of asset can be a target for theft, however some high value commercial assets are consistently at the top of the theft target list. Heavy equipment such as skid steer and backhoe loaders and compactors are common theft targets due to their high value and relative resell ease. Reefers and refrigerated trailers and cargo trailers are another common target due to the high-value, easy resale products being transported. Tools, vehicles and vehicle parts, copper wiring, and solar panels are also common theft targets.

What are common factors that lead to commercial theft?

There are a number of factors that lead to commercial theft. Worsening economic factors can give way to a rise in organized crime, resulting in theft increases. A surplus or high concentration of high value products and commodities (such as food & beverages, electronics, metals, and high value assets) being stored or transported can also lead to spikes in theft. According to CargoNet, shipment misdirection schemes remain the most pervasive threat to freight transportation. The holidays in particular are an extremely high risk time for theft due to the high volume of products in transport. Fridays and weekends are also high risk times due to staffing and time off schedules.

How do I keep my trailers from being stolen?

Samsara’s Trailer Tracking solution provides advanced alerting and GPS tracking tools so that you can quickly identify and escalate theft in real-time, and share information with the authorities to improve the chances of recovering stolen assets. In the event of a trailer break-in, door and cargo sensors allow you to immediately get notified of suspicious door activity or cargo movement, so that you can protect valuable trailer cargo from theft while in transit. For additional monitoring capabilities, you can use Samsara’s HD Camera Connector to add side, rear, and interior video into your cargo trailers and reefers, giving you an added layer of visibility to proactively mitigate risk and protect your trailers from theft.

How can Samsara help recover stolen equipment?

Samsara offers reliable monitoring and advanced asset tracking capabilities for heavy, high value equipment through our Powered Asset Gateway line to help you secure equipment and aid you in asset recovery should theft occur. Depending on the type of equipment, you can customize the location ping rate to your organization’s needs. For example, heavy equipment such as loaders may require real-time tracking whereas an unpowered asset may only require twice-a-day or even on-demand location check-ins, enabling you to track down the exact location of your equipment so you can recover it or provide information to law enforcement.

How do I choose a security system for my operation?

Whether it’s a warehouse, distribution center, lot, or office, having a strong security camera system and robust security measures will help you automate monitoring and surveillance, while giving you peace of mind that your employees and operations are protected. Some core features to look for in a physical security system are ruggedized camera design for industrial environments, night vision and high definition footage, ability to remotely access footage, and easy installation, setup, and management. Systems with AI powered detection and alerting, and intelligent stream search capabilities will give you an added layer of protection and will eliminate the manual work of monitoring video footage or conducting post-incident investigation work.

What are the best security measures to protect the operation against theft?

It's essential to be proactive about physical security and take appropriate steps to secure your operation against theft to reduce the risk of facility break-ins and financial loss. Effective security protocols include educating your workers on theft prevention basics, ensuring you’re storing or parking high-value assets and vehicles in secure parking areas, lots, and yards, investing in a camera system with AI-powered detections, and installing asset tracking devices with robust geofencing capabilities.

Samsara’s Site Visibility solution brings AI and cloud-connectivity to existing camera system. Using AI technology, Site Visibility brings powerful search features, intelligent detection tools, and proactive alerts to existing IP security cameras.

How do trailers and cargo get stolen?

Trailer and cargo theft can be carried out through various methods:

Facility burglaries: Unauthorized forced access into a commercial property or business is a common way that theft is executed. According to CargoNet, the single most targeted location type for cargo theft are warehouses and distribution centers. 

Unhooked trailers: According to FreightWaves, unhooked trailers are an extremely easy target for thieves. Without proper security devices, criminals may simply hook up the trailer to their own vehicle and drive off with it.

Trailer break-ins: This is typically done when the driver is away or sleeping, when a trailer is parked in a secluded or poorly monitored area, or is parked at an unsecured rest stop.

Hijacking: Criminals can forcefully take control of a vehicle hooked up to a cargo trailer. In extreme scenarios, this may involve armed individuals who force the driver to stop and surrender the trailer and its contents.