Physical operations workers using technology to power their everyday workflow.

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Digital transformation drives employee success.

By 2024, 60% of the U.S. workforce will use smartphones or tablets to perform their jobs. Knowing that safe workplaces lead to higher employee engagement and retention, physical operations leaders rely on Samsara to enhance worker safety, engagement, and streamline daily tasks. According to our 2023 State of Connected Operations Report, leaders in the industry believe in the shift to digital transformation and have plans to invest more heavily in it.

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Two onsite workers reviewing smartphone data next to one another to inform their everyday operations.


predict employees in the field will rely on digital workflows to perform day-to-day tasks by 2025.


say improving workforce productivity with new technologies is a critical priority.


report increased safety and improved compliance as a result of digital investments.


report that training, upskilling, and reskilling employees to use new technologies is a top workforce priority this year.

5 ways Samsara can help your employees.

Physical operations worker coaching peers leveraging Samsara dashboard.

Proactively coach employees.

Provide in-cab coaching for your drivers and empower them to self coach before an incident occurs.

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Redefine the driver experience with Samsara.

How customers use Samsara to exonerate drivers, proactively coach drivers, and gain competitive advantage.

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Physical operations leader navigates mobile technology to power everyday workflows.

6 Strategies to Empower Your Teams with Technology & Data

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Physical operations leader leveraging Connected Operations platform to inform decision-making.

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Streamline workflows and connect operations across departments with one integrated cloud dashboard.

Physical operations worker using technology to drive sustainability efforts.

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