Ensuring smooth operations with AI-based safety technology

Samsara’s integrated platform enables businesses like Lanes Group plc to quickly optimise fleet operations with safety in mind.

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Smooth operations start with safety

The fast-paced nature of fleet management means keeping drivers safe is integral to keeping operations on the move. Discover how Lanes Group plc harnessed the tools to make informed decisions and foster a fleet-wide safety culture – with rapid results.

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Connect operations, create a safer culture

With a growing fleet comprised of over 3,000 assets, Lanes Group plc required greater visibility to better protect its engineers on the road. This is the story of how Samsara helped the company to minimise risk to its people and operations by building a fleet-wide safety culture – and reap the rewards. From GPS tracking and real-time footage to insightful vehicle diagnostics, Samsara underpins the safety and efficiency needed to help Lanes Group plc deliver excellent service to over 15 million customers.

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Webinar: Improving fleet profitability

The need to protect your fleet profitability has never been higher with rising demand for new trailers in the midst of supply constraints and with the increasing instances of cargo and trailer theft.

Join us for this webinar to learn how our Smart Trailer solution can help you:

  • Get the most out of your current fleet and boost utilisation

  • Protect your trailers and cargo from theft and misplacement

  • Improve supply chain of refrigerated goods

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