Connect your fleet. Make more possible.

Harness data-driven insights to boost safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

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Together, we can meet your targets head on

In today’s world, data drives everything we do, particularly the fleets that power the global economy. By connecting teams, drivers and operations, fleets have the opportunity to do more — with less — and in a way that is safer and more sustainable than ever before. Our connected operations platform gives you meaningful, actionable data which can make a real difference to your businesses performance.

Connect your drivers. Improve safety.

Use data-enabled safety systems to reduce accidents and keep your drivers safe.

  • Road Risk

    While we are well-versed in understanding what behaviours are inherently risky on the road. What we need is context. Samsara provides the missing pieces of the puzzle to help fleet managers proactively coach drivers.

  • Dash Cams
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Safety Culture

Hear how M Group Services and Samsara partnered together to put safety first.

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Connect your teams. Drive efficiency.

Automate tasks and digitise workflows for real-time visibility into your fleet's performance.

  • Smart Telematics

    Optimise every asset in your fleet. Small improvements in areas such as fuel efficiency, route planning, and pre-emptive maintenance can make a big difference.

  • Maximise Fuel Efficiency
  • Up-to-the-Second GPS Tracking
  • Real-Time Vehicle Diagnostics
Connect your operations. Boost sustainability.

Accelerate the journey to electrification, optimise fuel efficiency, and protect the environment.

  • Electrify your Fleet

    Data is critical to fuel the transition to EVs. It allows you to determine EV suitability and efficient routing with available charge points and off-peak scheduling.

  • Maximise Fuel Efficiency
  • Overcome Barriers to Sustainability
  • Meet your ESG Goals

Dedicated to our customers: A focus on your success and your people.

Intrinsic to all our activities — from engagement and onboarding to implementation and continued customer success — is our desire to help customers structure and roadmap the delivery of value. That means:

We prioritise ease of use by putting people at the centre of our approach to business and technology.

We meet customers at whatever their stage of transformation.

We’re a strategic partner — we put people first — and make the time to build relationships for the long haul.

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